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The excellent performance of a technical sock originates first and above all from the fibers used. For this reason we are particularly careful in the choice of the most fitting fiber, to be associated to our products, in order to guarantee the highest performance, even in the most extreme sports. The yarns used are tested and labelled according to OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, a global testing and accreditation scheme for the screening of harmful substances within consumer textiles.



Thermal Insulating is an innovative technical yarn, made up of 100% Polyester Ceramic, particularly suitable for low temperatures and high mountains. We use it in our socks for skiing and snowboarding to insulate feet from cold and ensure them an excellent thermoregulation.





High-resistant par excellence fabric. Light and comfortable, exceptional abrasion resistant, it is used in the areas much subject to wear, such as heel and toe.




Anti-bacterial and antistatic yarn combined with silver fibers. Nostatex, thank to the electrical conduction of the silver, drastically attenuates the electromagnetic field, has an antibacterial effect, eliminating the bacteria responsible for body odour, favours the circulation of blood improving the oxygenation of the cells, keeps the heat of the body even at low temperatures. For the appreciated antistatic-dissipative and antibacterial characteristics we use Nostatex in the sole of the socks. It is suitable for any type of sport socks.




A Polyester Coolmax sock ensures excellent performances; the innovative and tested fiber system, able to transport moisture from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric, provides great breathability leaving the foot always fresh and dry. With Colmax: comfortable socks.




It is a Polyester fiber. A warm and lightweight fabric: It wicks skin perspiration keeping dry foot and leg. It is an extraordinary yarn to make thermal socks, thank to its high insulating power.





It is made with layer of pure silver, which is permanently bonded to the surface of a textile fiber. X-Static, as confirmed by different tests and researches made by most accredited institutions, is antimicrobial. X-Static inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria and fungi, is safe, natural, anti-static, fresh in summer, warm in winter and has healing effects.




Polypropilene is used in many of our sport socks. It is water-repellent, inhibits the growth of harmful micro-organisms, is hypo-allergenic, sends sweat to the upper layers of clothing thus keeping the skin dry. It is generally used in wet climates.




Merino Wool sock is soft, comfortable, itch free, it does not shrink even after many washes. Thank to is original features Merino Wool has isothermal effects, against moisture, wind, proliferation of ticks.